Friday, February 14, 2014

Flashback Friday

This was taken at the Dallas World Aquarium in February 2008.  You wouldn't think that a land-locked place like Dallas would have a good aquarium, but it was really awesome.  They had penguins, and for some reason, a black panther, who was really mad because his whole world was a glass room about half the size of an elementary school cafeteria.  You could tell he was angry by his nonstop pacing.  I hope by now they've moved him somewhere more appropriate, but it was still really cool to see a black panther that close-up.  We used to go there a lot.  We'd take the train downtown and walk around, get lunch, go to the much fun.  This may or may not have been the same visit in which I was pooped on by a spoonbill or Daphne was startled into hysterics by a toucan.  Good times in Big D.

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