Friday, February 21, 2014

Pictures from the Week

Daphne had a President's Day campout in her teepee with all of her dogs.  She gets to do all the best stuff!

I went to a President's Day kntting night out with The Finch.  I made a wine coaster.  It's purple and swirly and I like it.

Girl Scout cookies have arrived.  I had to do a lot of loading and sorting, but Daphne got to make them into a Reading Fort.  She gets to do all the best stuff.

Last night, she performed in the Second Grade musical, DinoStars.  It was very cute.  Unfortunately, they put Daphne on the front row, level with the audience, so we couldn't see her at all from our seats in the way way back.  It was really upsetting.  So, I went up the side row to the front to sneak a few pictures.  I can't figure out why they didn't put the kids up on the stage so everyone could see them.  I guess it's silly to be so upset, but it's the only musical performance she will ever have in elementary school, (unless she decides to join the chorus, which is highly unlikely) and we couldn't see her.  At all.  Not even the top of her head.  She was pretty anxious about the whole thing and is just glad it's over.

My mom is here.  She is taking a nap.  I already took a nap.  Now I'm waiting for the dryer repairman to come and for people to come and get all of these cookies out of my house.  Tomorrow night, Kev and I are going to a cooking class.  I can't wait.  We had so much fun last time except fo the part when I touched my eye after cutting up the chili pepper.  That was extremely un-fun.  This time, we're making Jamaica Jerk Salmon.  I think I will put Kev in charge of any chili peppers.    

Have a good weekend

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Gye Greene said...

Cookie box fort: Neat-o!

Photo of Daphne and others in green shirts: Good photo. It could be almost be an album cover from 1962.