Sunday, April 13, 2014

Road Trip - Day 2

Saturday morning, we woke up to a foggy view of the Elk River, so we took a little hike before breakfast.

Breakfast was delightful.

Coffee, fruit, scones, eggs, bacon, and polenta cakes by the fire with my favorite kid.

Then we hit the road.  It was smooth sailing this time.  No "adventures."

I forgot to mention our unexpected companion, Flat Stanley, who was excited to be in five different states in two days.  We were welcomed to Kentucky by this Five-Lined Skink:

And we were welcomed to Indiana by lots of good puppies and people:

And it wouldn't have been a proper welcome without the Blue Angels.

They flew right over the house.  

Plus, there was my mom's spaghetti.   And later, some delicious Thai food with my brother.  A good day.

Day three is just getting underway.  I had a nice cup of coffee on the deck and saw a gigantic great blue heron.  Today, there will be chili dogs, and dinner out with the whole extended family.  

Road trips are awesome.

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