Monday, April 28, 2014

Where Did the Week Go?

On Monday, I decided that the best way to get into a groove was to take a walk around town, so I did. It was nice.

On Tuesday, I taught my first knitting class at the Finch.  I had a blast.  All of my students were knitting by the time they left.   I can't wait for the next class.  Which is tomorrow!  Yay!

We also spent a lot of time on the porch.

And sometime around Wedensday, THIS happened:

On Thursday, the Brownies painted a giant painting together.

On Friday, our friends arrived from New York, and on Saturday, we took them to the Flower and Garden Festival.

I love festival food.

Daphne had kids to play with all weekend.

And there was pie.  For breakfast.  It was a good visit.

On Sunday, it was back to the festival for corn dogs and award winning crab cakes.

Then Kev went back home, and Daphne passed out fliers for the Finch.

Now, it's Monday again. Another busy (and apparenty very rainy) week ahead.  And a big Art Show this weekend.  I should probably go take a walk around town while the sun is out.  Happy Monday!

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