Monday, April 21, 2014

Road Trip - Day 7

Thursday we went to my old elementary school to have lunch with my cousin.  Same school, new building.  They tore down the old building, the one that I was in, a couple years after I left.  It's too was a cool old school building.  It was probably full of asbestos, though, and lead paint.

The new school has a nice little "cafe" area where visitors can eat with kids so they don't have to go in the cafeteria.  I kinda wish Daphne's school had that.  The cafeteria is so loud.  And kind of stinky.

In the afternoon, we went to the fossil park down by the river.  There were rocks to climb around on and dig in, so Daphne loved it.  She could have stayed there for hours.

In the evening, we met a bunch of people out for dinner at Buckhead, and I had a hot brown.  I don't think you can get hot browns anywhere besides Kentuckiana.  This is probably a good thing.  Nobody should eat that very often.  But it's so good.

After dinner, Daphne fed the ducks and geese with the leftover rolls.  Always fun to feed the birds.

Later that night, we went to the Zesto for one last treat, and I backed my parents' car into a brick wall. I suppose it made sense to start AND end the trip with a car problem.  For symmetry.

Very sad to leave.  I don't like it that my family is so far away.  But it was a nice visit.  Looking forward to the next one.  

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Gye Greene said...

Torn-down elementary school: Yeah. Sometimes you can't "go home again".