Monday, April 14, 2014

Road Trip - Day 3

Sunday was about food and family.  I got my Zesto chili dog.  

Then, we had some awesome orange cake from the bakery where my mom works.

With Blue Bell ice cream...the best ice cream in the country.  Blue Bell is made in Texas, and I can't get it in Virginia, but they have it at the Kroger in Indiana.  I may take some back home with me in a cooler.  I miss Blue Bell ice cream.

In the evening, we met the extended family out for barbecue.  I had Big Red.  I haven't had Big Red in a million years.  It was extra good because it was in a glass bottle.

I sat at the kids' table.

Some people enjoy having their picture taken more than others.

After dinner, we went to a place that makes ice cream instantly, right before your very eyes, using liquid nitrogen.  It was cool.  The ice cream of science.

Plus, it tasted pretty good!

Ended the day watching Elvis Costello and Morrissey with my brother.  Another good day.  

Today it is raining, and we have no real plans.  Maybe I'll sneak in a little knitting.  But first, I need to go find Daphne.  She is working on "top secret plans."  That concerns me.

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