Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Come on Everybody, Get Your Rollerskates Today

Today, my neighbor invited us to join them at the Toddler Time Tuesday at Purcellville Skate Rink. You can go there with your toddler and whatever bike/skate/scooter toys you want to bring. We took Daphne's Dora skates (Thanks, Kimmy!) and the Big Wheel, and had a very big time. Perfect for a cold cloudy day like today. There was actually SNOW falling when we left the rink. Good grief. Anyway, I wish I woulda known about this place during the winter. It's great.

Yesterday, Daphne did not take a nap. Not good. If she is going to start stopping taking naps, I am in big trouble. Today, she is all tired out from skating, so I am hopeful.

By the way, I wanted to skate SO bad, but none of the mommies were skating. There were disco lights and everything!


Julie said...

You totally should have skate!! I would have- how is D doing on the skates? I have thougt about getting G some.

Tara said...

She did good! You can see in the video that she sorta just walks, but that's OK. She only fell a couple times, and she's already so close to the ground that it didn't hurt. Get some for G...she'll love them!

Gye Greene said...

Life is too short to **not** skate. :)

(You need to start practicing for


Gye Greene said...


(You need to start practicing for being an eighty-year-old granny who doesn't care what other people think.) :)