Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dinner and a Movie

It was a pretty big weekend for a small weekend. Friday, Kev came home early from work, so we had dinner on the porch. I do not know exactly why food tastes better outside, but it does.

Saturday, we went to the farmer's market and the library. We got books, while Kev got tomato and cucumber plants, and then we all came home to do some planting. I worked on my herb container, while Daphne "helped" Kev with the vegetable garden. Actually, she was a pretty good little helper. It was HOT though. We had to turn on the AC for the first time yesterday. I think we have a couple more days of hot before we get back to the 70s again. At least there aren't mosquitos.

After nap time, the babysitter arrived, and Kev and I headed out to Angeethi for dinner. Angeethi is an Indian place a couple blocks from the house. I am telling you, as I told the waiter, this was the BEST restaurant meal I've had since moving to Virginia. I had Murg Makhini, which is chicken in a creamy buttery tomato-based curry, and it was DElicious. Very flavorful. And I was able to eat dinner slowly and enjoy my food without having to supervise anyone. A nice treat. Then, we drove the the next town to see the Soloist, which was very good, if a little disturbing. It was great to spend some time with Kev and get out for the evening. Daphne got a good report from the sitter, which meant I, um, I mean we got to go to Dairy Queen for lunch and ice cream today.

The guy next door came over while Kev was gardening and let him know they got our message about Snoopy and wanted me to know he is in a better place. YIKES! But it turns out that what he meant by that was that they DID in fact drive him out to the country and let him go. So, that's good news, although it still would have been nice for them to call us back so we didn't have to spend the whole two weeks thinking Snoopy was no more. I really hope Snoopy is happy in his better place and doesn't suffer the same fate as the poor flat groundhog we saw on Kinks Street the other day.

And in other neighbor news, our other next door neighbor, who is an amazing gardener, came over and gave me some advice today, as well as pointed out the poison ivy we hadn't noticed by the front gate. Then she told me that the developer who built all the houses in our cul de sac and did the addition on our house almost cut down the beautiful tree I've been going on and on about lately! Can you belive that!? She said that another neighbor from across the street came over and really let him have it, and thus saved the tree. Thank goodness for that! What a tragedy that would have been!

So, add to all that another Mavericks victory over the dreaded Spurs, and another good weekend is in the books. Pictures of various things are on flickr for those who want to see. I am tired, but in a good way. Next weekend, I am in charge of dessert at the neighborhood Cinco de Mayo party. Please feel free to make suggestions. I was thinking about trying to make a tres leches cake, but that may be too ambitious. Maybe I'll just go to the Mexican bakery up the street...


Gye Greene said...

"And I was able to eat dinner slowly and enjoy my food without having to supervise anyone. A nice treat." Ooh, yeah.


Gye Greene said...

Oh: Good to hear the groundhog got relocated.