Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breakfast PSA

It is my opinion that Eggo Cinnamon French Toast Sticks are better than Aunt Jemima Frozen Cinnamon French Toast. I had to put my Aunt Jemima ones through 2 toaster cycles to get them warm all the way through (they are thick!), and once they were done, the insides were sort of mushy, like the egg still wasn't totally cooked. Of course, nothing beats real French Toast, but the Eggo stuff is pretty tasty if you're in a hurry.

Kevin has found Trader Joe's instant oatmeal packets to be way better than anything we've tried from the regular grocery stores. I am going there today (hooray!), so if they have frozen French Toast, I will try it and report on my findings.

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K. said...

Perhaps its time for a LRHS Frozen French Toast Stick Faceoff. There could be blind taste tests like the great LRHS Ring Ding Ding Dong Duel of August 2007.