Monday, April 06, 2009

Sometimes, you can imagine doing something and you get this idea in your head of just how it's supposed to be. For example, I had this image of spending my anniversary leisurely strolling around the tidal basin with Kev, enjoying the peaceful surroundings and the cherry trees gently blowing in the breeze. Aaaahhhh.

Yeah. Not quite.

Here's what really happened. Yesterday was our anniversary. It was also a Sunday and the prettiest day of the spring so far. The babysitter arrived at 11:00 and needed us back by about 5:00 because she had to work at the Old Navy at 6:00. No problem. So, we left for the train station and made good time. Then we saw the parking lot. Not a space to be had. We finally found a parking gargage and an empty space, but we blew about 20 minutes in the process. Then it was another 10 minutes or so on the platform before the train arrived. Vienna Metro is the end of the line, so when you get on there, you start with an empty train. This train filled up immediately and we were lucky to get a seat. But at least we were on our way. The plan was brunch at this Belgian Waffle place on Capitol Hill and then, the TREES! Then, I started doing the math. This was going to have to be a fast-paced outing, but we decided to stick to the plan.

Things were looking up when we arrived at Eastern Market and found the waffle place easily. Then we found out it was reservations only, and we could "maybe try back in a couple hours." OK. On to Plan B. So, we wandered around and found a Greek place that had a free table. Aaah. Still plenty of time. Unless of course you are at the world's slowest Greek place. The upside is that the food was good. But we really had to book it to the Tidal Basin. By the time we got there, about 2 million other people were there as well, and we only had about 10 minutes to take a couple of quick pictures and admire the trees before going back to the underground cattle-drive that was Smithsonian Station. Not the best place to be if you are claustrophobic, like me. But finally, we were back on the train and headed to Vienna Station with time to spare.

Unfortunately, it took every second of that spare time to find our car in the parking garage. We wandered around for at least 15 minutes, beeping the lock and trying to follow the sound. By this time, DC headache had set in and we were both exhausted. We made it home at 5:02. Daphne was napping and so was the sitter.

But, if I may quote the noted A.I. judge Kara DioGuardi, here's the thing. It was a crazy trip, and not what we planned exactly, but I got to see the trees, which were beautiful. There WAS a gentle breeze, which was blowing the blossoms and they were falling like snow. I got to spend the whole day with Kev. Daphne had a great time with the sitter and we didn't have to drag her and the stroller on the crowded train. The sitter seemed to like Daphne and is willing to come back. And it is probably the most memorable of our anniversarys so far. So it's all good.

Happy Anniversay, Kev. Thanks for a fun day. And now I can check "seeing the trees" off my list.

Saturday was the big Easter Egg Hunt at our local rec center. We signed up the Peanut and arrived for the hunt on probably the windiest day of the year. But we had a great time, and Daphne was happy with her haul, which included a few pieces of candy and some cheap plastic toys. Please visit flickr if you'd like to see, among other things, me wearing Daphne's new pirate eye-patch. A very Eastery toy, huh?

It was all fun, but I think Kev and I are getting too old for all this non-stop activity. We're tired. Next weekend is Easter, and the one after that is the Flower and Garden festival in our little town, plus the Rocknoceros CD release party at Jammin Java, which I think we are going to take Daphne to.

Maybe I need a clone.

Daphne is in the next room singing "Jimmy crack corn but I don't care, Jimmy crack corn but I don't care, Jimmy crack corn but I don't caaaaaaare, doo doo doo, the blue tail fly" over and over and over. It's time for her bath. I never know how this is gonna go...wish me luck! Off to the tubby...

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