Thursday, April 02, 2009

Full Throttle Thursday

When you are two and a half, this is one of those days that could be ranked among Best Days Ever. We went to the mall because on the first Thursday of the month, Daphne's new favorite band, Rocknoceros, plays for free on the lower level by Macy's. Armed with a cup of coffee, apple juice, and a shaker, we parked the stroller by the escalators and took a seat on the floor to watch the band set up. We sat on the left, Coach's side. Daphne is afraid of Williebob (which by the way would have been a great name for the groundhog) because of his beard, so we can't sit on the right without creating some stress. Daphne is very serious about her rock. While the other kids pogo and dance around, Daphne stands to the side with a very serious look on her face, nodding her head to the beat. It's funny to see. At the end, she refused to go get a handstamp from Williebob, even though we practiced it yesterday (I was Williebob). But she did go get a high-five from Coach, who remembered her from last time and gave her a little flyer, which she clutched as if it was from a Beatle or something. Rocknomania.

As if that wasn't enough, the Easter Bunny was at the mall, and Daphne actually wanted to go sit on his lap. This was shocking, as she absolutely refused to have anything to do with Santa. And believe me, the bunny is much creepier. He doesn't talk, and you can see his human face through the mesh air hole which is his mouth. But she was willing, so I let her do it and we got the obligatory overpriced photo to remember it by (above). Then, she got a lollipop and a coloring book. Could the day get any better?

It was time for lunch, and the line at Chick Fil a was about a mile long with other Rocknoceros moms and strollers, so we went to Taco Bell. I know. Yuck. But Daphne loved it, and she got a toy in her kid's meal. And the adult lady sitting next to us, who was eating a kid's meal herself, gave Daphne her toy too.

So, a rock show, a high-five from Coach, the Easter Bunny, a lollipop, a coloring book, and two toys, all in the span of about 2 hours. It was such a great day already that she didn't even ask to ride the carousel. She always asks to ride the carousel.

Now we are home, and she is upstairs in bed, not taking a nap. She is talking to herself about something. I think she is too wound up to sleep. This is very very bad, because I need a nap desperately. I am too old for Full Throttle Thursday.

Update: Sure enough, no nap. As I was typing that last sentence, I heard, "MOMMMMMYYYYYYY. I can't sleeeeeeeeep!" I attempted to get her to sleep by resting with me in my bed, but she was too squirmy, so I put her on the couch and demanded some quiet time. Curse you and your sugary lollipops, Easter Bunny.


Anne Bentley said...

That is one creepy bunny.

Gye Greene said...

An excellent day. :)

Taco Bell: Eh -- I like it. Inexpensive (albeit thin) burritos, etc. **No** fast-food Mexican here in Brisbane, AU. :(

Naps: One of our best investments was buying two sets of wooden playpen/fences (no legs; rests directly on the floor); cable-tied them together to make a rectangle long enough for me to lie down in; pad the bottom with quilts over a un-used "anti-fatigue" shop mat. A controlled environment: I sleep in it, and the kids play with toys, and/or sleep, as well.