Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to School

Today, my neighbor came by to drop off her fish. It is a Beta named Blue, and it is staying with us for a week while they are out of town. So far, it seems to like it here. Anyway, during the fish drop-off, my neighbor happened to mention that Target has its school-supplies seasonal section up and ready for action. And as you may know, I cannot resist the Target school supplies seasonal section. So, I loaded up the Peanut, and off we went. (I needed a few groceries anyway).

Overall, the section was disappointing. I managed to escape with nothing but a box of crayons and a glue stick for Daphne. There were some nice recycled notepads that I considered, but really, how many notepads does one person need? I have plenty. So, Kev will be pleased that this particular trip to Target, groceries and all, only set us back $35.

Two things worth mentioning. One: Why on earth is a 24 count box of regular Caryola crayons $0.25, while a 24 count box of washable Crayola crayons is $2.49? Is the magical washable formula really that valuable? (Must be, because I bought 'em. Daphne cannot be trusted with the permanent stuff). But seriously, that is what? A 1000% mark-up or something. Crazy.

Two: As we were moseying past the wall of backpacks, Daphne exclaimed, "Mommy! I want to see that iCarly backpack!" WHAT???!!! How in the world does she know what iCarly is? I am with her pretty much 24 hours a day, and we have never ever ever watched iCarly. And surely Kev isn't watching it with her while I'm cleaning on Saturday mornings. I was a little scared. So, just to check, I pointed at the Jonas Brothers backpack and asked Daphne if she knew who it was. "No." Then I pointed at the Hannah Montana backpack and asked the same question. "No." Phew. "Good," I said. "Why don't you want me to know who those people are, Mommy?" she asked. At that point, I decided to distract her with the colorful display of pencil bags. The kind with pretty flowers and birds and peace signs, and no over-marketed teenager show personalities.

Ugh. I guess someday she will inevitably start liking some of the lame stuff that the rest of the kids today like. Oh well. I just hope that she will always, at least secretly, still like the Kinks and Hank Williams Sr. too.


Julie said...

Same thing happened to me with Hanna Montana- how I let her watch it- she only likes one episode- so we watch it over an over and over- since we saw the movie in the theatre- she thinks that there is only one movie for tv- and it is the first episode we watched. I would like a little variety but nope- just the one. She doesn't know who icarly or the jonas brothers are yet- matter of time in daycare.....

Anne Bentley said...

Alex must have told her about iCarly. He is addicted to it.

fooiemcgoo said...

i think those kids shows are pretty cute and entertaining. I haven't seen the Johnas Brothers

better than Full-House, fo' sho'!

Gye Greene said...

Hmm - learned somethin'. Had to Google "iCarly".

Very perceptive: "Why don't you want to know who those people are?"

Haven't seen Hannah Montana, but I like the concept. And, I have the electric guitar (tell Kev it's basically a Telecaster with a smaller scale length). Bought it during Target's(?) toy sale for a good price -- although haven't got around to plugging it in yet.