Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ocornio, Mohair, a Hike, and Stromboli

The other day, this cricket was on the wall in the playroom. I was going to dustbuster him, but Daphne screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and saved his cricket life. She put him in her bug-jug to observe him eating a mushroom (the internet said crickets like fungi) before setting him free on the patio to find his mommy and daddy. She decided to name him Ocornio, which is amusingly similar to Cornholio. The kid must have a little Garland in her somewhere. I hope Ocornio enjoyed his mushroom and found his cricket family.
Sunday morning, Daphne and Kev went on a "nature walk." This got off to a "rocky" start, when she had a seven minute screaming and crying fit on the street because Kev told her she couldn't pick up every pebble between our house and the trail. After that, all was well and they had a great time. The weather is nice now, especially in the mornings and evenings, so it's fun to go outside.

Meanwhile, I have started a knitting project with super skinny mohair yarn. A new challenge, reading glasses required. I can only work on it when I am wide awake and can completely focus, because if I mess up, it's not going to be easy to fix. I think it will be pretty, but itchy, when it's all done. I am switching off between that project and a hat for Kev, which is using a much less fussy yarn and can be done while watching TV without having to pay too much attention.

Last night I made stromboli, which I learned at the beach from Kevin's sister. Thanks, Kim! It was delicious. I wish I would have made two. We ate it on the porch, which made it extra tasty.
It is really starting to feel like fall. This morning it was 55 degrees. That means it's almost time for pie, soup, homemade bread, and my trip to Indiana for the Harvest Homecoming. Yes.


K. said...

Ocornio could pass for a giant mosquito.

Strombolis rule.

Gye Greene said...

Yeah -- on first glance, I thought it was a closeup of a mozzie on someone's arm.

Great Elvis Costello shirt on the girl. :)