Friday, September 25, 2009

Well, That Didn't Take Long...

Shortly after this picture was taken on Wednesday morning, Daphne got sick. She has been in school a total of three days. I knew she was going to start getting sick more often once she started school, but I wasn't expecting it to happen quite THIS early. Oh well. After a couple of rough days, she seems to be past the worst of it and is getting better. Just a cold, I think. But nothing can throw off a groove more than a sick kid. I was kicking some butt on my To Do list, but any and all productivity has come to a screeching halt. I am hoping that she'll actually sleep for a little while this afternoon so I can try to get back on track. Or at least get a shower.

The picture, as I said, was taken on Wednesday morning at the Heritage Farm Museum in nearby Sterling. I decided that Wednesday would be Mommy and Daphne field trip day so we could hang out and have some quality time. Last week, she said, "Mom, you never play with me. All you do is cook dinner." And while that's not completely true, and I do play with her - a lot - I reckoned there must be some reason behind her thinking. And so, the field trip. The farm museum was fun. I was counting on there being at least one or two school groups there, but it turned out we had the entire place to ourselves. Daphne got to work in an old-timey shop, milk a fake cow, and ride pretend racehorses. Totally worth the three bucks for admission (I was free - I had a coupon!).

After the museum, we had a fun lunch at Friendly's. I spied a watermelon ice cream cake in their freezer and was tempted, but passed. Next time. Overall, a fun day, and I think Daphne enjoyed it.

A few hours after we got home, the sniffles kicked in and Daphne quickly went from perky to pitiful. I haven't had much sleep the last two nights. I'm glad tomorrow is Saturday.

OK, I'm off to see if Daphne has finished her lunch so we can get naptime going.

Have a good weekend, everyone. And if you are in Texas, please go to the Fair and enjoy it on my behalf. I can't tell you how sad I am that I'm missing it this year.

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Gye Greene said...

Ah, yes... sick kids.

At least, no barfage? (We had a bit, day before yesterday: right at the tail end of naptime,so it was all over the bed, the corner of two pillows, my arm, and his sister's bottom. Yech.)

Interesting kid perceptions: "All you do is cook dinner." :)