Monday, October 26, 2009

Pickin' and Grinnin'

If you live in a place that has apple orchards, you are almost obligated to go apple picking in the fall. So, yesterday we picked up Grandma and Grandpa and headed to Stribling Orchard in Markham, VA. This is a very nice, big orchard, and even though the parking lot was full, it didn't feel crowded. After the picking, we warmed up by a little bonfire, and enjoyed some grilled hot dogs and hamburgers from the snack area. It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning. and we were all exhausted afterward, but in a good way.

So, we brought home 14 pounds of apples. I need ideas. There is only so much apple pie one can eat. Last night, I started off Apple Week (or perhaps Month) with this delicious apple chicken curry (recipe here). It was easy and so good, and Daphne liked it a lot so it's going on the Keeper list. I stuck pretty much to the recipe for the sauce, but I cut the chicken into little pieces and cooked them in a frying pan. Then I put them in a baking dish with the sauce and put it all in the oven for about 15 minutes. Next time, I may substitute coconut milk for the regular milk.

I will probably make another apple pie, and maybe some apple butter. Caramel apples too, maybe, but I'd prefer to make things with peeled apples since these ones don't have the greatest looking skins (I fear mold). And, if I get brave, I may try apple dumplings. Please feel free to suggest other ideas if you got 'em.
OK, off to start my Monday. This week is all about Halloween. Then, I really need to start thinking about Christmas. I'd like to avoid Holiday Panic this year...


Gye Greene said...

Apple sauce. My folks had a few apple trees in the back yard, and coring apples (and cutting out the bruised and mutant bits) was an annual affair.

Also, apple cider (currently, their cider press is up in the attic).

I'm pretty sure my maternal grandmother used to make up a big batch of apple pie filing, separate it into pie-sized "doses", and freeze them in ziplock freezer bags. Then she'd remove one (as needed), microwave to thaw, and dump it into a pie shell.


fooiemcgoo said...

apple butter.

my dad has a killer recipe. let me know if you want it.

daphne looks really cute.