Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Settling In

Here is the happy sign that greeted us when we arrived home from our trip on Monday evening. Nice, huh? I like the colors. I think maybe Kev is secretly glad he married someone who keeps lots of arts and crafts supplies around. What did he do - besides fashioning banners - while we were gone, you ask? Well, he had a whole list. It included items like:
  • make a list, and
  • check things off the list.

But in spite of that, he actually got quite a bit done while we were gone, and enjoyed having some quiet time. He went to the coffee shop, took walks, went on a bike ride, did some recording, read a book, etc., as well as worked on this stool (below) for Daphne:

And he got a really cool bench for our entry hall, which was a nice surprise for me:

So, I think he made the most of his time.
I am slowly getting settled back in to my At Home Routine. I have unpacked and gotten all the laundry done. I have been to the grocery store. Now, Daphne is taking a nap, and as soon as I finish this blog, I am going to knit for a little while. Soon, though, I have a new project to embark upon:

This gaint pile of purple Garanimals (SO cheap at WalMart) is destined to become Daphne's Halloween costume. She has commissioned me to make her a purple Octopus suit. I am not exactly sure how I'm going to pull it off. Chances are, it will turn out OK, but no matter what I do, I'm sure it will be met, at least at first, with some resistance. You see, Daphne gets these ideas in her head, and if the final result isn't exactly like she has imagined it, she balks. And pouts. And stomps away with her arms folded, saying, "That's not right!" So wish me luck.

Tonight is soup night. This time, split pea with ham and potatoes. It's nice and cold today, so this will be perfect. My peas (above), which are from Huber's, have been soaking since yesterday afternoon, and it's just about time to change the water (for a third time) and get them simmering. I'm afraid I cannot share this recipe. I learned it from Kev, and there are secret ingredients. I'm surprised, actually, that he told them to me.
In a few days, our little family will have been in Virginia for a year. Wow. There have been a lot of ups and downs. It has not by any means been easy. That being said, it gets easier every day, and although I will always feel like a Texan, Virginia is becoming more like "home" and less like a really really long weird vacation. If only I could just import my friends and some decent barbeque. Sigh.
OK, well, time to start the peas and do some knitting while I have the chance. Daphne actually went to sleep on the first try at naptime today, rather than getting up 3 or 4 times to potty or get a drink or blow her nose or have me re-adjust her blankies. I have perhaps discovered the secret to getting her to do whatever I want: threaten to take away the Hannah Montana guitar. Works like a charm...

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Gye Greene said...

Daphne stool: Nifty! Didn't know K. was in to woodworking. What sort of tools/shop does he have?

Hall bench: Nice!

Costume: Looks hopeful. (I saw the pic, and thought ''Looks like an octopus'', even before reading the describing text. Very evocative layout.

Maybe you can use a tube attached to a large ziploc bag (under the armpit, for squeezing purposes?) filled will soy sauce, to make an ''ink sac''?

Photo o' split peas: Hm! Thought they were of decorative green pebbles. Good pic; I saved to HD in the folder used for my "nifty green things" screensaver slideshow.