Saturday, October 17, 2009

Young 97

Daphne got a Hannah Montana microphone today from G-ma and G-pa. Here is what she did with it (press "play" now please).

Earlier today, Kev and Daphne were making lists of things. On one list, she had him write down her favorite rock bands. This is what she told him to write:

  • Rocknoceros
  • Rock Band (the game)
  • They Might Be Giants
  • The Kinks
  • Old 97s
  • Dan Zanes
  • The Beatles
  • Herbie Hinkle
  • The Morning Benders (which she referred to as "you know that band, mom, that we listened to when we went on that long hike with Uncle Jeff and my dad, and you sat by me in the car and you were eating those chips.")

Daphne is three, and she is already so much cooler than me.


Gye Greene said...

Great rock & roll grimace at about the 0:11-0:12 mark!

TMBG -- yay! (My top 5 favorite band!)

I'll have to track down H. Hinkle, and that Uncle Jeff/potato chip band).


Tara said...

Herbie Hinkle is a Louisville, KY band that my cousin Jeremy was in (the drummer). I think you can listen here:
My favorite songs are Taxi, Howard Hughes, and Window.

We love TMBG "Here Come the 1-2-3's" cd and dvd.

Gye Greene said...

Since getting broadband, I've been going crazy with the YouTube.

My girl (5yo) loves "99 Red Balloons" (English version) -
-dunno if it's the female singer, the music video (unlikely; mostly walking around), or if she just likes the concept of many balloons.

Curious to see if D. likes it.