Thursday, October 01, 2009

Scenes from a Big Week

I am a sucker for good packaging. The pudding was good, but the boxes are better. Actually, I haven't tried the chocolate yet. Am thinking of layering it with crushed graham crackers and torched marshmallows.

Saturday was Lovettsville Oktoberfest. It would have been fun if I hadn't been rapidly coming down with Daphne's cold. This is Daphne's pumpkin. His name is Harry and he now lives on our porch.

On Sunday, Daphne and Kev took care of me. They went to the store. Daphne helped (above). And they made chicken soup. Daphne helped (below). It was good.

I am better now. Thanks, family.

Meanwhile, knitting. I finished the scarf above for my mom's birthday just in time for her arrival in VA. Not for a visit, but for good. Jeff, Albert and my dad arrived the day before, so now they are all here, living in an extended stay hotel, waiting for their house to be finished. It's been a long time coming. We celebrated with stromboli.
Now, I have to go pick up Daphne from school. We have an after-school mission: to buy a toy for Albert.
It was 46 degrees this morning! I love fall.

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Gye Greene said...

Glad you're un-colded.

Will D. be sad when Albert starts to go all mushy?