Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chicken and Biscuits

Some food is very photogenic. This, well, not so much. However, MAN OH MAN was it tasty. Kev received this recipe from his sister, Kim, as part of his birthday gift, and yesterday it made it's Leesburg debut. I do not think the biscuits are supposed to sink. I would imagine that ideally, they sort of hover atop the creamy chicken goodness in the pot. But it was still really really good, and Daphne even liked it, so it is for sure going into the rotation. The best part is that we get to have the leftovers tomorrow night. Thanks, Aunt Kimmy.

In other food news, today is National Popcorn Day, so we'll probably have some tonight for a snack.

And as mentioned before, Saturday is National Pie Day. I still haven't decided what pie to make, but I've got time.

Today is like spring. I think it's in the very high 50s, so after school we went to the park with some of Daphne's classmates. It was good to be outside. Without a hat. It's been a long time. Winter is far from over, so this was a real treat.

OK...off to be productive. Or maybe I'll just take a nap.


Gye Greene said...

Yep - anything the kid (**and** the parents) like is a winner! :)

So, once D is in school, ya gonna open up a cafe or restaurant?


Julie said...

care to share that recipe?? sounds yummy!!!