Thursday, January 28, 2010

Story Time

Parker Charlie's Walks
(As far as we know, Daphne has never heard of Charlie Parker. She said she named her guy Parker Charlie because he likes to go to the park.)
By Daphne Claire Holt
(She hasn't quite figured out that you aren't supposed to separate words like that.)

There Parker Charlie goes to the park with his nephew to play! He's a mighty funny fellow!
(She didn't want to draw the nephew. She said the green things are the handlebars to his unicycle (which has two wheels and is going backwards), the purple things are pockets, and his belt came unfastened. I like his hat.)

Parker Charlie is going to the park with his dog named Bob. He likes to get pets on his head. He also really really likes to go up on his up and down board.
(Bob is a pug. And according to Daphne, an "up and down board" goes up and down like an elevator, not like a see-saw, and it does not have wheels).

On the way, Bob and Parker Charlie saw some bird and bug rectangles. "Hey! I don't know what those birds and bugs are doing!," said Parker Charlie. "Woof woof," said Bob.
(Don't ask me).

Here they go to the hot dog stand! They're going to have some hot dogs and lemonade.
(This looks a lot like Lesher's Hot Dog shop down the street, where we have eaten a few times. Now every time I drive by, it's closed. I don't know how it stays in business. The whole menu has only 4 items: Hot Dog #1, Hot Dog #2, and Hot Dog #3, and Hamburger. Don't bother asking for cheese. They don't have it.)

Parker Charlie and Bob are playing Hide 'n' Seek. Parker Charlie hit his hat into the sky. Can you find Parker Charlie? THE END
(Hint: Those are hands sticking out from behind the slide).

This is the "About the Author" section on the back. She was a little hesitant about giving her daddy credit for his help. I think that's the most fun Kev has had in a long time (besides playing Rock Band with me, of course).
So, there's Daphne's story. I really like it. It makes me laugh. I hope she will make more. If you have a kid who likes to make up stories, there is a place on line called Bare Books where you can get blank story books for kids to write/draw in. Maybe we'll get her some for her birthday.


Christina said...

Nice job, Daphne! What a great little project you created. I want to try that with Linnea!

Tara said...

Glad you like it...they had a lot of fun working on it. Linnea could make one in Spanish!

Gye Greene said...

That is **really** good!

Daphne's a good draw-er and storyteller: I thought my V. was good, but D. is pretty darned close, developmentally -- which, given the two-year age gap, is pretty impressive!


Julie said...

I LOVE THIS! Great Story Daphne! can't wait to see what parker charlie does next!