Friday, January 01, 2010


It's not Christmas until somebody moves the window angels around. This year it was more difficult. They were taped down. But someone was determined.

And so, we start another year. That's good. I'm ready. The last month of 2009 was crazy and stressful and fun. There was a blizzard. There were several different Christmas celebrations. There was travel, but not on a plane! There was family, friends, and food. There were movies and restaurants. There were gifts. And gifts. And gifts. So much for down-sizing Christmas. There were birthdays. There was family game time. There was snow on Christmas day. And there was one very excited little Peanut. But now, I'm ready for some normal. I don't even think I am going to have the usual post-Christmas let-down this year.

If you'd like to see pictures from the past few weeks, there are plenty on Flickr. And Daphne got a camera for Christmas, so she now has her own flickr page here. (She took the LEON picture above). I love her pictures. Many of them are blurry and strange, but they give you an idea of how she sees the world.

I hope you all had a good Christmas, too.

OK. On with 2010.

That seems so Sci-Fi.

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Gye Greene said...

Yeah -- now we're into the twenty-teens. Yikes!