Sunday, January 17, 2010


Things have gotten almost back to normal around here, and Christmas is sort of a distant memory. Even so, I've managed to stay pretty busy. Last Wednesday night, I went to dinner with some of the other mommies from Daphne's preschool. It was a fun night out and I hope we do it again sometime. I ordered some tapas, and the food was pretty good, but not great. It made me miss Cafe Madrid. Oh man. I REALLY miss Cafe Madrid. And La Duni. And Gloria's. And Legal Gounds. And barbeque.
I really shouldn't complain so much about missing the restaurants in Dallas. Leesburg has some great places. Friday night, Daphne spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's, so Kev and I walked right down the street to the coffee shop (Shoes) which now has an evening menu. I got some polenta with mushroom cream sauce and it was GREAT, and Kev really liked his beef stew (although it can't have been as good as the Guinness one). Then we came home and played Rock Band until way past our usual bedtime. Good times. Thanks, Mom and Dad and Jeff, for babysitting. I have moved up to "medium" on drums, and still usually get in the 90s (except on that dang Pinball's baffling!). And since we won the plane, we get to play Europe.
Daphne and I have been going to Parent and Child yoga class on Fridays at the rec center. It is pretty fun, and Daphne's really good at it. She is a good listener and tries really hard. Next month, she starts a little 6 week ballet class. We'll see how it goes.
Yesterday, Kev and I (finally) unpacked a bunch of pictures that have been sitting in the dining room in huge cardboard boxes for a year. We hung up a few which made quite a difference. But the biggest improvement is having a box-free dining room. I wish there was a way to make money playing Rock Band so we could make all the home improvements we want to make. But that's OK. One step at a time. We're going to live here forever, after all.
And I finally managed to start knitting again after a long dry spell. Hooray. In fact, I think that's what I will do now.
PS. Project Runway and American Idol are back! Yes!

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Gye Greene said...

Boxes of photos: We should probably do that. We have a small pile of framed photos and paintings, leaning against the wall. Have yet to hang **any** up -- and I think we've been here 3-4 years...

Ballet: Yeah -- let us know how it goes. V. really enjoyed the first dance place she had lessons at (ballet-ish), but they were very parent-unfriendly (no "Intro" or "Welcome" or parents; parents weren't allowed to watch because they might be "distracting"; no place to sit except outside on the grass). The current place is more jazz-ish, which V. likes -- but now she's asking for a more ballet style again...

$$$ of Rock Band: Maybe y'all should post some PPHPHB tunes on some online mp3 place?

I was researching typical royalties rates, and discovered cdbaby, which apparently takes un-signed folks (iTunes requires that you're on a label).

"An artist who has not signed to a major or independent record label
can still get their music distributed via iTunes by a number of various companies also affiliated with Apple. The two that I will mention in this article are and Out of the $0.70
cents remaining after Apple takes its $0.29 share, cdbaby only takes a 9% fee for each download, passing through to its artists a whopping 91% of the income! iFanz charges 40% per download. In both cases, the artist is responsible for all third party payments including any royalties payable to producers of the recordings and digital mechanical royalties which are paid to owners and/or controllers of the musical compositions contained in each recording."

As long as they're not cover tunes and you didn't have any outside musicians, then you/K would be the performer, songwriter, producer, and owner -- you'd just keep it all. ;)

On my "To Do" list... :)