Monday, January 11, 2010

Crafty New Year

I am excited to tell you that everyone in the family is getting all arts-and-crafty. Daphne pretty much ONLY wants to do arts and crafts. She got lots of craft supplies for Christmas and is speedily using them up. She took a picture of some of her creations (above). I may have to snag the ROCK necklace to wear to the Loons gigs during Rock Band. (We are getting good. We won a plane!)

Kev is also getting into the act. He got a linoleum block carving/printing starter kit for Christmas, and below is his first print:

Pretty cool, huh? I love it. I have all kinds of ideas for his future carvings. Birds, owls, a silhouette of Daphne maybe. Limitless possibilities. I'm glad he likes doing it.
Meanwhile, my dad has started oil painting. He just started last week, and he's already knocked out four paintings! Here is one with some people you might recognize:

Isn't that great?! I have requested one of our old house in Texas when he has time. I also think he should paint a picture of the Zesto. The best thing is that he really seems to enjoy painting. I wish I could paint. I think I would be terrible at it. I don't have the patience.
Finally, my mom has started quilting. She started a couple months before the move, and I think she has finished almost four. She made Daphne a nice warm fleece snowman quilt, and a smaller one that matches for Daphne's "guys":

She's working on one for me but I haven't gotten to see it yet. I think I get to help pick out the backing this week sometime. She also made me this apron for Christmas:

She gave it to me along with this book. It's a perfect pie-baking apron, and just in time too because January 23 is National Pie Day. I told Kev I want to make one pie each month this year, and then make a pie calendar at the end of the year. He said we will gain 20 pounds if I do that. But I still might. It's not like we have to eat the whole pies by ourselves. I'm sure we could find people to help us. Who doesn't like pie?
So, anyway, everyone is making things! It's so great! I suppose Jeff will be next. I wonder what he will do. Macrame, perhaps? Needlepoint?
Everyone is making things except for me. Ugh. I have a really bad case of knitter's block at the moment. I think I just need to pick up my needles and do SOMETHING to get back in the groove. Maybe a washcloth or something simple.
First though, chores. Better get going.


Anne Bentley said...

Wow to all the crafters! BTW, I thought pie (pi) day was March 14 (3.14, geddit?).

Gye Greene said...

Tell Kev great perspective/depth on the block print! Would make a good t-shirt...

Painting: Good one! Yeah, I hears ya re: patience -- I took 1.5 years of drawing classes in high school, but music gives me more instant gratification (just strum a chord!).