Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Chicken Littles

School was closed on the last day before the holiday break due to Blizzard '09, so today, Daphne's preschool class had its make-up Christmas party. Actually, they aren't allowed to call it a Christmas party. It's a winter party. In any case, I love the little parties they have at school, because they let the parents come for the last hour of class for a craft (see the antler hats) and a snack, and then the kids put on a little show. It is the cutest thing ever to watch. All the kids are so different. Some just sort of stand there like deer (or in this case reindeer) in headlights. Some cry. Some get really into it and have a blast. Daphne is always very serious. Today's grand finale was the Chicken Dance. I am pleased the school is getting an early start in preparing our children for all the future company picnics, wedding receptions, and polka festivals they will be attending in their lives. Very practical. They also sang Five Little Monkeys and recited a few poems. Party day is so great. The next one is the Valentine's Day party, which they are allowed to call a Valentine's Day party. I hope they learn the Electric Slide!

Before the party, I went to Shoes for coffee with a couple of other mommies from Daphne's class. What a nice treat. I feel like I have been going non-stop for so long, and it was nice to sit still and have adult conversation for a couple hours.

Yesterday, I took down Christmas, which was exhausting. I still need to take down the lights and disassemble the tree, but the hardest part is over. The worst thing about taking down Christmas is having to repeatedly go into the basement. Our basement is functional but creepy. And due to recent incedents, I am a little paranoid about the possibility of meeting up with some sort of nasty critter while I'm down there.

OK...off to enjoy a little Tara Time while Daphne sleeps off the party. Perhaps I'll knit!


Gye Greene said...

D looks like she's one of the stronger dancers of her room. :)

"Taking down Christmas": That's a good line.

Kathy said...

This is great!! She is so good at it. Don't tell her that I'm dying laughing!! :)