Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Thanks to the miracle of the External Hard Drive, I was able to move some recent picutres to Kev's computer so I could add them to the blog.  Here is Daphne, ready for some Halloween action, in her Super Daphne costume.  This was much easier to pull off than last year's octopus.  However, there was much more arguing, because this year, Daphne had opinions.  It all worked out, though, and everybody was happy.

There was a party at school, like last year.  The kids paraded around the rec center, got a few treats, and sang songs for the parents at the end.  Very cute.  A few more pictures on flickr if you want to see.

Meanwhile, the World Series was disappointing, but I finished my scarf.  And it's actually sorta cold enough to wear it.  I love this weather.  Cold enough for a scarf and sweater, soup,  a fire in the fireplace, and a hot drink in the afternoon, but no so bitter-cold that I have to bundle up in my Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man coat or wear a hat in the house.  There was frost on the car this morning, though, and I couldn't find my ice-scraper, so we had to sit in the driveway for a few minutes while it melted. to enjoy my last bit of time before picking up Daphne from school.  Swimming class today...I'm hoping for more big surprises!


Gye Greene said...

Daphne Halloween: EXCELLENT costume!

Aussies don't do Halloween -- except for young folks (i.e., high school, college, folks in their 20s) as an excuse to throw a party. As parents, it saves a lot of time (not having to do costumes for the kids) -- but a bit too bad to miss it, too.

Scarf: Weren't you saying it was black? (I must've missed something.)

Ice scraper: In a pinch, a plastic credit card (library card, etc.) that you don't care about will work.

Trying to remember if I gave away my ice scrapers, or took them with me, when we moved to Australia.


Christina said...

I love your scarf, Tara! Nice job! You're so crafty! Daphne's costume was awesome too! She's such a hoot!

Anne Bentley said...

Where does one find silver pants for a pre-schooler?

Tara said...

The scarf is black...the photo makes it look sorta blue-ish. Silver leggings are from Target. Of course.