Monday, November 08, 2010

Noodles and Sleepovers

I took my camera to swimming last week, hoping to capture a jump from the side of the pool, but the kids in Daphne's group didn't get to do it that day.  Oh well, here she is with her awesome teacher swimming with a noodle and having a blast.  Hooray for Miss Janeane.  She has special powers.

 On Friday, the local library hosted a sleepover for stuffed animals.  Daphne loaded up Quincy, Doggo, and Austin into a bag with a picture of herself (so they wouldn't miss her too much) and a blankie that G-ma made for her "guys." 
 A few of her friends brought their guys too.  Stories were read.  Songs were sung. Crafts were made.

 And then it was time to say goodbye.  Daphne tucked her guys in and kissed them goodnight, and left them in the good care of the librarians for the night.
 The next morning, Daphne went on a hike with her daddy.
Then, it was back to the library to retrieve the guys.  We were treated to a slideshow of their activities, which included reading books, climbing on stuff, playing cards, and Austin getting his own library card.  The librarian took my email address and is supposed to send me some copies of the pictures, but I'm not holding my breath.  If she does, I will share.  It was really cute.  What a great idea.  I love the library.

You may remember my adopted penguin, Tula.  Here she is, back in her nest with her two eggs.  Thank you to the great Dr. Mike Bingham for all of his work with the penguins and for sending me this picture.  Penguin adoptions make a great gift!  Get yours today!
Kev got my internet working again!  Yay!  Hope you all had a good weekend.  Time to make goat cheese and garlic gratin.  Yum.

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Gye Greene said...

Library sleepover: Neat-o! :)

Goat cheese and garlic gratin: sounds tasty; and the alliteration helps its appeal.