Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Blog Post of Science

We've been watching a lot of Bill Nye the Science Guy videos lately. Speaking of science, the above picture is the sun. Cool, huh? If you are like me and think space is really interesting, check out "Astronomy Picture of the Day" from the good people of NASA. Thanks, Kev for directing me to this site. Put this in your favorites, and check it daily. You may learn something.
Daphne was sick all weekend, but before she got sick, she went to her weekly Little Ninjas class. Here she is with her sensei, practicing a block. She is the only girl in the class. She enjoys it. I do to. I get to sit still and knit for 30 minutes while she runs all around and wears herself out.
It is still fall. Our maple tree is bright red. The yellow-leaved tree in the corner background is the beautiful but oh so evil ginko tree that lives next door. Stink-O-Rama.

You may remember the video I posted of the people breaking into the Sound of Music "Do Re Mi" song in the European train station. Here is something similar, but more Christmas-y. Please enjoy. If you are like me, you may get a little weepy. Thanks to my friend Cheryl W. for this.

I am still in Mega Ultra Super Christmas Mode, so posting will be intermittent, but please check in now and then for tales of Holiday "Advent"-ures (a clue! a clue!). Back to my Monday...


Christina said...

Hey! I was thinking about signing up Linnea for that Ninja class. Is that at the Isaac Walton building?

Gye Greene said...

Bill Nye: He's from Seattle!!! :)

Little Ninjas: Neat-o! (Is this a recent thing? I don't remember you mentioning this before.)