Thursday, March 01, 2012

Leap Day

Yesterday was February 29 - otherwise known as Leap Day.  We decided to celebrate having a whole bonus day by doing "things we don't usually do."  If Daphne hadn't missed the whole week of school last week, I would have totally let her skip school, but as it turned out, we had fun anyway.

We started the morning playing leap-frog, or more accurately leap-dog, in the attic.  Guess what.  I am not very good at leap-frog.  But Daphne is, and she had a really good time lining up all of her dogs and leaping them.  I just enjoyed watching her and listening to her laughing.  Kids are cool.  The other day, it was really nice outside, so the little boy next door came over and played tag with Daphne after school.  It was so fun to watch Daphne run and run, with a smile on her face the entire time.  She was SMILING because she was RUNNING.  I don't think adults ever do that.  Every now and then, I'll be driving along and I'll see an adult walking down the street smiling for no obvious reason.  I guess it's possible that they are smiling because they are crazy, but that's OK.  It still always makes me happy.  People should smile more. 

Anyway, after the leap-frogging, we both put on our craziest socks.  Mine had sock monkeys on them and Daphne's had candy corn.  Then, Daphne's candy-corn socks were too itchy, so she put on some slightly less crazy penguin socks, and  we called some friends and met them for Leap Day donuts.  We never do that.  I like Leap Day.

Kev came home a little early, and there was more leap-frogging before we packed up some games and went down to Shoes for dinner.  We ate and played Rat-a-Tat-Cat and Appleletters and had a great time doing things we don't usually do.  When we got home, we played guitars.  Kev helped me figure out that my favorite Neko Case song (Furnace Room Lullaby) is made up of three easy chords that I can actually play!  So that was fun.  I've been playing the guitar a little bit lately, and enjoying it except for how bad it hurts my fingers.  I have decided that Kev and Misters Jeff and Tim need to work up a stripped-down banjo-intensive arrangement of the Killing Moon (Echo and the Bunnymen).  I am learning to play it, too, but it has this C-minor chord in it that is tricky.  The Neko Case song is all A-minor, E, and C.  I think it's pretty amazing that you can make such a cool song out of just 3 chords.

Or 4 chords.

Wow.  I am really rambling today.  I should probably be doing something more productive, like practicing C-minor.  Hopefully, there will soon be some Housepants Bunnymen for all to enjoy.  Happy March!

PS.  I am about to go meet a friend for lunch.  I am going to walk to the restaurant and I just might smile. 

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Gye Greene said...

Echo & the Bunnymen: Ah! **That** song!!! Okay.

(Recognize it; didn't know who by.)