Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hot Tuesday

Yesterday, it was hot outside.  Too hot for March, anyway.  Daphne and I went to our friends' house after school for a playdate, and we let the girls go outside to draw with sidewalk chalk while we had a cup of coffee before walking to the playground.  Imagine my horror when we headed outside only to find the word POOP written in giant letters - by GUESS WHO - in the driveway.  And if you look under the word, you will see it illustrated.  There were even stink waves.  Now, both girls were involved in this, but mine was definitely the evil brains behind the operation.  So embarrassing.  I made Daphne change the O's to smiley faces while I changed the P's into flowers.  Meanwhile, my friend captured it all on film while trying not to let the girls see her cracking up.  Thank goodness she has a good sense of humor.  We MIGHT get invited back.  Someday.  But I bet there won't be chalk.

Sometimes I just don't know about Daphne.  We've got a real Bobby Hill on our hands, I reckon.  It's only a matter of time before she starts trying to play Kev's guitars with slices of cheese.  I wonder what Hank would do if Bobby wrote POOP on Dale's driveway.  I guarantee he wouldn't laugh and blog about it.

POOP.  It's such a funny word.  But you still shouldn't write it on people's property.  My apologies to the D. family.  I am so very very sorry.

After the play date, I did not feel like cooking. Or being inside.  So, since Kev was home early, we all walked down to the Cajun place for dinner out on their patio.

Gumbo.  Aaaaah, yeah.  Just what I needed.  Nothing like a nice bowl of gumbo to help you forget all about an embarrassing poop incident.  And I bet you a million dollars that's a sentence that has never been written before.


jilly donuts said...

The "D" family thinks the chalk incident was hysterical, and welcomes you back any time. I just told my extended family the story last night - love that girl of yours!

Gye Greene said...

Maybe she was just writing "dood" upside-down. :)

It's a great story. (And, yeah -- that "gumbo" sentence" is rare. But if you Google that phrase, your blog is the top three hits. That was fast.)