Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The WIP (Weekend In Pictures) - Plus Monday

Tired girls at the end of three hours of games and crafts.

Daphne learned to tie her shoes, so she got some new ones.

It rained on my tulips.

Breakfast at Shoes.

And on Monday morning, we saw this pair of hawks on the way downtown to deliver some donated Girl Scout cookies to the local women's shelter.

This was an extremely good experience for Daphne and I wish the whole troop could have been there.  This makes every moment of Girl Scout Leader Stress totally worth it.

Favorite quote of the weekend: "Can we listen to KISS?"  (Daphne)
Favorite food of the weekend: Friendly's hot fudge sundae with coffee ice cream.  It nearly killed me, but I'd do it again.

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