Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Day in the Life: Tuesday

  • Get up
  • Make everyone's lunches and breakfasts
  • Get Daphne on the bus
  • Go to Pilates class with my friends
  • Feel taller!
  • Listen to Everything but the Girl and get the butter chicken going in the slow cooker
  • Go to JoAnn and Target for owl supplies
  • Eat lunch and watch part of an old episode of Knitty Gritty on the DVR
  • Cut out lots of owl feathers

  • Arrange owl feathers and contemplate wings
  • Fail to figure out how to make wings

  • Eggnog break   (YES!)
  •  Get Daphne off the bus
  • Go to the library to learn about bats and do a bat craft

  •  Come home and supervise homework completion
  • Make rice, naan, and broccoli to go with butter chicken
  • Eat delicious butter chicken with nice family
  • Put Daphne to bed
  • Discuss current events with Kev
  • Finish the book I should have finished for last Monday's book club
  • Sleep
  • More or less repeat...
 Cool bat shirt, huh?  Will have to steal this idea...


jilly donuts said...

LOVE the owl shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have all kinds of ideas brewing with that bat shirt idea. Jack o' Lanterns, daisy flowers, fireworks...

Gye Greene said...

Wow! Totally forgot about Everything but the Girl. Will have to YouTube some...

Owl shirt looks pretty neat-o.