Monday, October 08, 2012

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

I have discovered the secret to slowing down time: CAMPING.  It's true.  We went camping over the weekend, and I swear, Saturday lasted about twice as long as a regular Saturday.  In a good way, not in a "Good Lord is this day EVER going to end" way.

We woke up early to this peaceful view (above) from our cabin porch at Westmoreland State Park. There was french toast and sausage and coffee in the french press for breakfast  (Hey, I never said we were roughing it).

Then we rounded up our friends (we went with the "band families") and took a hike from the visitor center through the woods and down to Fossil Beach.  The kids climbed and dug and waded and found treasures.  And we saw Bald Eagles diving for fish.

Back at the cabins, the kids built a tree fort (with a little help), and played in the woods...

...while the adults attempted to make exciting camp fire desserts:

Kevin has decided this should be called Apple Mess.  It wasn't pretty.  We nearly burned it on the coals, but it was rescued and turned into something delicious.

S'mores were made, Jiffy Pop was popped, guitars and banjos were played, songs were sung, Born in the USA was hummed (long story, but one I want to remember when I read this later), and a good time was had by all.  And as I said, it was like the weekend lasted a week.  I loved it.

Home again now, and THIS is happening on the street below my office window:

Ugh.  It's really loud and non-stop, and I wish I was still in the park, listening to crickets and frogs and eagles and music and happy little kids, where everything smelled like camp fire.  Back to reality, though.  And lots more good things to come this month. 

No school today, thanks to Mister Columbus.  It's cloudy and cold out, and I got to wear my Toast arm warmers.  It sort of feels like Thanksgiving.  I took Daphne down to Manassas for a while, and now we're back home, waiting for Kev.  I think maybe I'll turn on the fireplace and make some hot chocolate.  Hope you had a nice long weekend.  See you soon with more October.

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Gye Greene said...

Love the scary-face tree.

''Apple mess'' is a brilliant name. Something to consider if you ever market a line of cobblers.

I initially read ''guitars and banjos'' as ''guitars and bagpipes''. But banjos are almost as good. ;)