Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall-a-Palooza Three - Owls and Rock

Friday afternoon, I took Emily to the airport, then headed home to get Daphne ready for the school Fall Harvest Festival.  Thanks to some help from Emily and my hot glue gun (if it's good enough for Project Runway, it's good enough for me), I got some wings on Daphne's owl costume and she LOVED it.  She put it on and flew gracefully around the yard while I took pictures.  This one is my favorite:

I was pleased with how it turned out.  I especially love the hat, which I found at Target and embellished with giant felt eyes and a beak.  The ears were already on it - I think it was supposed to be a kitten hat.  It will be nice and warm for Trick-or-Treating in the post-Frankenstorm chilly weather.

My dad and Jeff took Daphne to the festival because Kev and I had big plans to go to the 930 Club in DC to see the Old 97s.  After some minor altercations with the GPS, Kev found us a GREAT parking space a block from the club.  We went to dinner at some place on U Street with a glass-covered roof-top deck (What do they do if there's hail??!!).  I can't remember the name of the place.  Something Bistro.  We had something Turkish and delicious called "potato cigars" and we shared some mussels and fries.  Good stuff.

When we got to the club, we picked up our tickets and were given VIP wristbands, which allowed us into a section of the balcony which was not crowded AND which had stools to sit on.  Below us on the general admission standing-room-only floor were wall-to-wall hipsters.  I was glad I was not down there.  Those people looked hot and smooshed.  During the opening act, we went to the backstage room to hang out with my friend Ken, who plays guitar in the band.  It was SO great to see more friends from Texas.  And although the whole backstage thing is kind of awkward, it's also interesting.  The 930 backstage had cupcakes, which was nice but didn't seem very rock and roll.  There was also a magazine rack on the wall that had a copy of Woman's Day, which I thought was funny.  Ken caught us up on the news from home, everyone showed us pictures of their kids, and then it was time for the show, so we went back to the balcony.  The show was great as usual.  Seriously, even if these guys weren't my friends, I think they'd still be one of my favorite bands.  Especially to see live.  They don't hold anything back.  So much fun.

We got home sometime after 1:00 am.  That is late.  I don't usually stay up past 10:00, so it was a big deal being out until 1:00.  Thanks to Ken for hooking us up, to Kev for dinner and driving,  to my family for taking care of Daphne, to the 930 Club for the good cupcake and the stools, and to the Old 97s for Four Leaf Clover, which is near the top of my Best Live Songs I've Ever Seen list.  Fall-a-Palooza is almost complete.

UPDATE:  Found it! Here is a link to the restaurant with the potato cigars:  Tabaq Bistro.

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Gye Greene said...

Excellent owl costume! :)

Glass awning: maybe it's super-thick glass?