Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Birthday, a Campout, and a Recording Session

Kev's birthday is the day after Christmas.  Not the best day to have a birthday, so we do what we can to make it it's own thing.  This year, he made a list of things he wanted to do.  I think we did most of them.  Daphne started off the day by getting herself dressed in the best outfit ever.

Then she gave her dad a little wooden wall hanging that she and my dad made.  At least one person in the room got a little teary-eyed and had to go blow his nose before there could be any more gifts.

Kev's big gift this year was a kick ass resonator guitar.  Several family members pitched in, and he LOVES it.  It sounds really great and it's pretty, too.  All silver and shiny.  So cool.

For dinner, we trekked down to Falls Church to eat at the Mad Fox Brewery, which was very good.  I am sad to say there was no birthday cake, but Kev didn't mind.  I think he had a pretty good day anyway.

The next night, we decided to camp out by the Christmas tree. So we inflated the air mattress, and Kev and Daphne made shadow puppets on the ceiling, which was more entertaining than you might think.  Daphne and I slept downstairs (with the pack of dogs) and woke up by the tree.  Daph thought this was really cool, and I enjoyed it too.  I think we'll make it a tradition.

We've also been working on recording a new PPHPHB Christmas song up in the attic.  Daphne is the lead singer, and I have to say she did a really nice job on this one.  When it's all done, I'll see if there is a way to post it on here somehow.  

The song sounds great already, and MixMaster Kev hasn't even monkeyed around with it yet.  So far, I don't have a part in the song, but I'll probably end up on it somewhere.  If we keep it up, we'll have enough Christmas songs for a whole CD in about 2020! 

Coming up next, arts and crafts, and New Year's Resolutions.

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Gye Greene said...

Excellent guitar!