Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Opposite Day

This morning, Daphne woke up and told us that some kid in her class said Wednesday is opposite day.  Then she bid us "hello," said "I hate you," gave us a hug and got on the bus.  I'm not a fan of opposite day.  It's too confusing.

I had my own problems this morning anyway, because today was Laser Procedure to Cure My Retina Day.  I didn't sleep well.  I woke up a lot, and had weird dreams about cooking pork chops with the Kratt Brothers.  When I told Daphne about it, she said it would have been even more weird if they had a dream about cooking pork chops with me.  A valid point.

I put on my Buddy the Elf shirt and did a lot of deep breathing before my appointment, and took along my owl sweater to work on in the waiting room.  I have to say that the knitting really helped me to calm down.  I was really nervous.  Not so much about the laser, but about the fact that there would be some sort of device attached to me whose job it was to keep my eye open, which is very Clockwork Orange-y and totally freaks me out.

Finally after about an hour of waiting and knitting, I was in the doctor's chair about to begin the procedure when he couldn't get the light in his machine to shine where he wanted it to shine.  He called in a tech, who called in another tech, who called in another doctor, but nobody could figure out what to do.  Things were said like "What does THIS thing do?" and at one point they actually got out the instruction manual.  This did not give me a lot of confidence in this group of people.  I had to laugh to keep from crying, and I practically had to hold Kevin back because, being an engineer, he wanted to jump in and fix it himself.  There were four people trying to work on that machine, plus another so-called expert on the phone.  No luck.  So, I had to reschedule the procedure for NEXT week.  Kev missed the whole morning of work, and now will have to miss another day next week to take me back.  And this is not exactly the best time for him to be missing work.  We decided to go out to lunch.  I guess these things just happen when it's Opposite Day.  Nothing you can do about it.

Good news is, there were no pokey needles today, I got some knitting done, and I got to have lunch with Kev (lobster bisque!).  We NEVER get to have lunch together.  So it wasn't a total waste. 

Hello for now!


jilly donuts said...

Another terrible post! (Opposite day, remember?) Glad you didn't have a pokey needle, but sorry you have to think about it again this week. If you need a driver, I can help, although it would probably be weird if I was all huggy and telling you I love you like Kevin probably does. Anyway, offer stands.

Gye Greene said...

The Lady just got back into knitting, and also finds it a good way to unwind/decompress/meditative.

Pretty freaky, re: the retina thing. Weird that they couldn't get the device to work. I'm with Kev -- would've just wanted to fix the thing myself...

Glad you at least got to spend time wKev.