Monday, January 07, 2013

Slow Weekend

I am liking all this Slow business.  I left the house only once over the weekend, and it was to walk to a BBQ place down the street.  The rest of the weekend was spent mostly in pajamas.  On Saturday, Kev and I made cheese (details here) and I assembled lasagna.  My brother recently gave me a MacBook, which is awesome because I can now listen to Pandora while I cook.  So I spent a long time in the kitchen listening to good music and making good slow real food.  We did a little tidying up, Kev took down the Christmas tree, and Daphne played with Christmas toys.  Sunday we played some music, made Easy Bake Oven Whoopie Pies, sat around and read books, and had a leisurely dinner (the lasagna).  I no longer feel like a hamster.

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