Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Very Good Weekend

I am excited to tell you that I can now add "making beer" to my list of Things I Have Done.  Kev and I took our field trip to Frederick on Saturday to brew at the Flying Barrel, which was really really fun.  Look at those awesome kettles!  It was like Wonka's factory in there!

Here I am, stirring in the malt extract:

And here is Kev when the beer was finished boiling:

In three weeks, we go back to bottle it.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.

It was really nice to spend the whole day hanging out with Kevin, and while we were gone, Daphne had a great time with Grandma, playing Puppyopoly and raking leaves and who knows what else.  Glad they had a nice time together.

Today, I taught Daphne to knit.

She picked it up right away.  She's a natural!  Her first little sample had a couple accidental holes, so we channeled Tim Gunn and made it work.  Voila, the Quincy Mask!

Daphne liked the idea of holes, and asked me how to make one on purpose.  Then, she planned a whole design for Quincy's new "Tail Scarf," and executed it beautifully.  This time there was only one hole, and it was MEANT to be there.  She was so proud.

Now, she wants to purl.  Sniff sniff.  Best Day Ever.

Quincy is happy too.  His bottom will never be cold again, and he's totally set for Halloween.

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