Monday, March 03, 2014

Snow Day #12

Guess what.  It's snowing.  And schools are closed today.  Blah-dee blah-dee blah.  Snow days are no big deal around here these days.  Nothing to get too excited about.  Kinda boring.  Been there, done that.  Twelve times now.

Daphne is a little stir crazy.  She spent the morning spying out the window at the snow plow driver, who she decided was suspicious.  Then, she suddenly declared, "I need to think!" and plopped herself onto the couch in this, which must be the "thinking" position:

Then, it was time to practice her "spidermanning."

Now, she is sitting in her dad's chair inspecting her feet.  I need to find this kid something to DO.

The weekend was pretty low-key.  There was some drumming and some uke-ing.

There was some pre-storm playing outside.

And Kev and I re-created our delicious salmon dinner from last week's Cookology class:

I had my first ever Brussels sprouts, which weren't half bad!  

Last night I watched the Oscars in its entirety for the first time in many many years.  I love this picture of the great Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2.  I bet Bono is so mad.  U2 is great, but I can't imagine that Bono has any real sense of humor.  Still, I love that song they did last night.  It should have totally won.  That Frozen song sounded exactly like every other Disney Princess song (lame).  I can't believe it beat both U2 and "Happy."  I was really rooting for Dallas Buyers Club because it was so great, and I'm glad that Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey won.  The Wooderson reference made me so happy, and now I need to see Dazed and Confused again.  I can't figure out why American Hustle was nominated for so many things.  It was OK, but not Oscar-worthy.  Except for the fabulous clothes.  Ellen was just kinda meh.  And Liza Minelli.  Good grief.  So, there's my Oscar re-cap for ya!  Sherlock rules!

It is VERY VERY quiet in the other room, so I should probably go check on Daphne.  Happy Monday!

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