Monday, May 04, 2009

Feliz Cuatro de Mayo

The flowers from our cherry tree have migrated to the ground. The sea of pink was kind of pretty, but it has been raining non stop for two days and it's a mess now. I'm looking forward to seeing what blooms next. My money's on the peonies. It can't be much longer.

Meanwhile, we had the neighborhood Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday. We got lucky and the rain stopped for the party, so the kids were able to smash a pinata. It was really cute, and they all had a great time. Daphne got a Ring Pop, and you can imagine the aftermath of that.

Her corn syrup high lasted a couple hours. Then she crashed and had a nightmare about my sister-in-law's cat ("Jasmine was biting me in my crib."), and now she is afraid to be in her bed. I had to stay in her room until she was asleep at naptime yesterday and again last night, and this morning I got to her room just in time to stop her from climbing out her crib. She NEVER tries to climb out. So, I don't know what to do. I know she's really really scared and not just trying to stall or be naughty. Poor kid. I'm hoping that if I don't mention it today, she'll just forget about it, but I think I'm in for another difficult bedtime ordeal.
Someone brought this pig to the party:

Conspiracy Theory: I think maybe Swine Flu was created by the surgical mask industry. My neighbor who owns the local pharmacy said people are buying them like crazy, and the funny thing is, they don't really work. If I had one, I think I'd draw the big Rolling Stones mouth on it.
Time to switch out the laundry. Hasta luego, amigos.


Julie said...

Maybe it is time for the big girl bed??

Tara said...

She might be ready, but I don't think I am.

I don't think that will solve the "I'm scared" problem, though.

Gye Greene said...

Surgical masks: Good idea. I'd do vampire teeth. :)