Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Oreo Ice Cream Cake, and Subaru

Last Thursday, we packed up the Subaru and made the journey to the beautiful Hudson Valley in Upstate New York for Memorial Day weekend with Kev's family. A good time was had by all. There was baseball (above). There was "hiking" in the woods:
There was driveway fun with cousins and 3D sidewalk chalk:

There was a pre-birthday celebration for Daphne, with grilled burgers and hot dogs and delicious Oreo Ice Cream Cake:

And various other activities. Kev and I got to go out to dinner and we also got to see Star Trek (awesome!) on possibly the world's smallest big-screen at the great Roosevelt Theater. I got to have a bbq chicken wrap from Coco's, a breakfast sandwich from Cranberry's and watermelon sherbet cake from Friendly's. It was fun hanging out with the family and seeing my niece and nephews. And we saw three frogs!
On the way home Monday, we stopped at what Kevin called "the playground that time forgot," somewhere near Scranton (Go Dunder Mifflin!), and had a little Memorial Day picnic and played on the old-school playground equipment:

The only thing they didn't have was one of those evil scary metal merry-go-round things that everyone stands on while one kid pushes the thing and jumps on at the last minute. Thank goodness. I'd have lost my Oreos on that thing.
So, big fun in New York. Thanks to everyone for the nice gifts for Daphne. It was good to see y'all.
This week, my parents are coming up for a visit and another birthday party for the Peanut. This time, I'm hosting, and the neighborhood kids are coming. Wish me luck. I will need it.

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Gye Greene said...

Scranton: I didn't know (or had forgotten) that you watch The Office.

We're a season or so behind, here in Aussie-land. Has it jumped the shark? Caught an episode (around 10:30 at night) of Season 5(?), and was **waaay** dissapointed. I have the DVDs of the first three seasons -- I may not bother with #4 or 5.