Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coffee Talk

So, since I don't have a job with other adults to talk to, this blog is my water cooler. Here are a few things I might stand around wasting valuable time talking about if I could:

  • American Idol: This was the best season yet. There were at least 4 contestants that I would actually choose to listen to and am interested in seeing what they do post-Idol. I was happy that Kris won. And it was fun to watch this group because you could tell they genuinely liked each other. About the finale: It was about half and half, cheesy vs. cool. I loved seeing Queen, the Black Eyed Peas, and Cyndi Lauper. I could not get to the FFWD remote button fast enough when they paraded Rod Stewart out there. He is terrible. The variety show type numbers were really corny, and I FFWDed through most of that too. And a special note to KISS: You guys are icons of my youth, and I am a HUGE fan. But please stop. Just stop. You are old and fat and it is just silly and kind of sad now. I will freely admit that I love American Idol and will watch every episode until it ends for good. Kev hates it. It drives him from the room. And I try to get Daphne to watch it with me, but she doesn't really like it, and just asks questions like, "Mommy, why is that guy squeezing his eyes like that when he sings," and "Is that microphone talking guy (Seacrest) going to get a turn?" So, thank you, inventors of the DVR. Can't wait for next season!
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia has just banned smiling in your driver's license picture. It's hard enough to look decent in those pictures after waiting on line at the DMV for hours. At least if you can smile, it kind of hides the beaten-down-edness you are feeling. I actually got a pretty good picture this time, before the smiling ban thank goodness. Maybe they'll rethink this before I have to get a new one. If not, I don't think they've banned stink-face, so maybe I'll do that and try to look real rock.
  • Star Trek was really really good. Very well done. I am grateful that Kevin got me into watching the original series, because I really like that too. It's nerdy, but it's true. On the other hand, I could not have less interest in the Terminator. I tried watching the first Arnold movie and it was terrible. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep.
  • These John and Kate people, whoever they are, are getting way too much airtime. All I know about them are from headlines, and they seem very annoying.
  • My friend Troy is in a Toyota commercial that you have probably seen. He is at his mailbox, and then takes off running. Look for him on TV!
  • I have never known a town to hate its own baseball team as much as they hate the Nationals around here. What gives?



Gye Greene said...

American Idol: Not into it; but totally hooked on "So You Think You Can Dance"; never thought I'd be watching a dance program -- but there's some good stuff...

"Mommy, why is that guy squeezing his eyes like that when he sings?" -- Brilliant observation of the D. :) The comic strip Bloom County (with Opus the penguin) had one with a "heavy metal guitar-playing grimace"; gotta emote!

Banning smiling: how about Mr. Spock eyebrow-arching?

Star Trek: Well, I'll have to see it.

Terminator: Somehow, have seen the second one several times; the last 3/4 of #3 for two or three times; but never seen the first one.

Troy's toyota commercial: If you ever bump into him in a public place, you should get all shrieky and ask for his autograph... :)


Word verification: No way! "Pectin"

Julie said...

I am cracking up that your watching American Idol!!! I was sucked in because of gmom and Gracie loves it too she can just dance the whole time. So glad Kris won- adam is just a screamer.

What is the point of no smiling- I don't get it-

I loved Star Trek - got into it when I was recovering from my brain tumor-- don't know why but liked it- can't wait to see the movie.

Finally saw Troy's new commercial- it is good- I hope they make it a series starring him!

Totall love Jon and Kate plus 8- very sad that all this is coming out about them- and the difficulty in their marriage- I hope they take it offair and heal. But I suspect they will just rake in the cash- but I won't watch it anymore. :(

Rangers are doing great this season- can't wait to go to a game!!