Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thursday Rocks

Today was our trip to Dulles Town Center Mall for the big Rocknoceros show. So, I busted out my squeegee and paint, and screen-printed Daphne a new t-shirt for the occasion. She has outgrown all the old t-shirts I made for her, and The Kinks is what she wanted, so The Kinks is what she got. Before we left for the show, she did some of her Rock and Roll moves (above) and let me take some pictures.

Here is Rocknoceros, performing on the lower level of the mall in front of Macy's. Not exactly Madison Square Garden, but there was a huge crowd and these guys are pretty much The Beatles as far as the kids are concerned. Daphne, once again, put on her serious rock face and wouldn't join in the dancing, but she had her own special Daphne kind of fun. She loves these guys. And they really go all out for the kids. After the show, she got her high five from Coach, who by the way also complimented her t-shirt. Good times.

Then, it was on to lunch at chick fil-a. That entire bowl of fruit that you see up there in the picture ended up on the food court floor. Dangit.

Next was the carousel. Daphne wanted this brown horse. She named it "Brownie." She loved every minute of the ride, while I just tried not to let my motion sickness get the best of me. I was glad when it ended.
While we were at the mall, we checked out a new place that just opened called Cookology. It is owned and operated by a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and hosts cooking classes of all kinds. Tomorrow, they are having a $25 Mommy and Me class where you get to hear a Sponge-Bob mystery story, and then learn to bake Patrick Starfish cookies and decorate chef's hats. I signed us up, so that we could start a little Mother's Day tradition. Daphne got very excited. She told the teacher, Chef Tabitha, that when she grows up she wants to be a chef and a mommy and a doctor. There was no mention of astronaut this time. Kev will be disappointed to hear this, but I know if it came right down to it, he'd have just as hard a time as me watching our little Peanut be shot into space...especially knowing what he knows about all that can go wrong with rockets. For the record, I don't actively discourage the astronaut goal. But I do plan to encourage this chef thing. It would be nice to eventually turn the meal-making over to someone else a couple times a week. Of course, we'd probably only be dining on cakes and pies and things that you put syrup on if Daphne was in charge.
I am looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I am making Jambalaya. Saturday I am going on a winery tour with a couple of neighbors and some other moms. Did you know that I live right smack in the middle of Virginia's wine country? I didn't even know Virginia HAD a wine country until I moved here. It should be a fun day out, and I am looking forward to seeing the countryside. I hope it doesn't rain the whole time. Then, Sunday is Mother's Day, and I think Kevin is going to cook breakfast. That is going to be a real treat.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there. It's a tough job, but aren't you glad you get to do it? I know I am.

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Gye Greene said...

Shirt: Good stuff. :)

Poses: Center one on the right would be a good album cover, for when she's a 21yo rock star.

Bowl of fruit on the floor: Whenever we're out and food falls on the floor, my first instinct is to call the dog over, to eat it. Then I remember we're not at home.

Astronaut: I wonder if being a semitruck driver is more, or less, dangerous than being an astronaut.

Glad you had a good mother's day. :)