Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Eats Weekend

Friday night, we watched a movie and had Earthquake Shakes:
Saturday, Kev made fresh salsa with peppers and tomatoes from the garden:
And I made some pesto with some of our basil (Note: I need a new food processor):
Yesterday, Kev took Daphne to the water park and I stayed home and made homemade granola:

And last night, Kev cooked some delicious Jamaican Jerk chicken with cous cous and flambe-ed pineapples.

Good eats, indeed.

And now, it's Monday. Back to the regular old Taco Night or Leftover Surprise or Choose-Your-Own Cereal. It's too hot to cook. For that matter, it's too hot to eat. I am going to go sit in a chair and think about Christmas.


Gye Greene said...

Good food posting.

Trivia: There are no U.S. granola manufacturers. All granola is imported from Canada.

(At least, as of ten years ago...)


Gye Greene said...

Also: the home made salsa is inspiring. One of these days, I oughta do that.


Tara said...

Perhaps I should start a granola factory! Buy American!

The salsa recipe is Alton Brown's on