Friday, July 02, 2010

Powering Up

HELLO! Guess who is back from The Big Powerdown?

I have so much to blog, but almost zero time to do it, so here are a few quick hits in case anyone out there has actually been waiting and checking in for some LRHS tales of adventure.
  • The powerdown was mostly a success. I definitely got a lot more accomplished, and I didn't really miss the internet much. I am back on line now, but not spending as much time. Everything in moderation.
  • We took a little trip to New York to visit Kev's family. The highlight was getting to see everyone, especially our new nephew, Carter, who is two months old. He is awesome, as is his big brother, pictured below, reminding me of one of my favorite images from the Blues Brothers:
  • Other highlights from the trip: Yet another birthday celebration for Daphne, complete with two different kinds of ice cream cake, a water balloon war in the driveway, a geocaching adventure (for everyone but me...I stayed home and read a magazine), some really good pork, and a stop at DQ on the way home.
  • Lowlight: Within the first hour of our arrival, Daphne and I each got a tick, which was not discovered until the next morning - within the 24-hour safety window, but just barely. Thus far, neither of us has developed the tell-tale target-shaped rash or any other Lyme Disease symptoms, but there is still a week to go before we are officially in the clear.
  • In the "I Could Make This" category: A Sock Monkey wine bottle caddy. I spotted it in a shop window downtown this morning but it was closed so I couldn't check out the price. On line, it sells for $9.99. Not only COULD I make this, I probably WILL, only I will make it better! With ears! So stay tuned for that.
  • I received my first volume of the LRHS in book form (2004 edition). So exciting. I am happy with the way it turned out and look forward to getting the rest printed out. I hope to someday give the books to Daphne so she can read them and realize she was right all along in thinking her mom was a total dork.
  • It is about to get REALLY hot. Like TEXAS hot. So Daphne and I have been making the most of the cool mornings we've been having. Wednesday, we walked to the Tally Ho for dollar movie day (Monsters v. Aliens), and then to the hot dog place for hot dogs (with ketchup). Then today, we set out at about 8:00 for a morning nature walk. Daphne picked up rocks and leaves and things along the way, and took pictures with her camera. When we got downtown, we noticed a commotion on the courthouse lawn and discovered that the FoxFive morning show was broadcasting live today from Leesburg, so I think we got on TV briefly.

  • Then we went to Shoes for breakfast and sat out back in the secret garden. I was very happy there with my iced latte and my nice kid (picture below by Daphne). We took our time going home and by the time I gave Daphne a bath, there was no time to do the grocery shopping that I needed to do, but I am not going to sweat it. I can do it tomorrow.
  • Visitors arrive tomorrow and there are things I should be doing, so I'm off. It is sure to be another Big Weekend, with visitors, a parade, a block party, and perhaps even a road trip to West Virginia, so tales of all that coming next week. Happy 4th of July!

PS. There are many pictures on flickr from our trip. Later today, I'll put some pictures on Daphne's flickr page from our morning walk.


Gye Greene said...

Hey, good stuff! Welcome back!


Gye Greene said...

Carter's brother: It's great how he can make his eyebrows into tildae ("~").

Tick: Wow! Forgot about Lyme disease. We have ticks around here, but they're only dangerous to dogs and cats (paralysis ticks -- damage their walking, then heart & lungs).

Blog into book: Neat-o!

"...and realize she was right all along in thinking her mom was a total dork." LOL! (I wasn't expecting that line.)

Texas hot: I'll have to use that. ("Dang! It's so hot, it's **TEXAS** hot!")