Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Field Trip

 Today we took a field trip to Winchester, Virginia to meet some friends at the Discovery Museum.  It's a science museum for kids.  It's perfect.  They get to touch EVERYTHING.  They get to climb on stuff.  They get to be noisy.  It is a great place, especially on a hot hot day. 

Among many other things, Daphne helped build a roller coaster:
 We played in the infinity mirrors:
 And there was a rock-climbing wall:
 The museum is located in a section of old town Winchester where the street is closed to cars.  There are cute shops on both sides (which we didn't get to visit) and cafes everywhere.  So we took a lunch break and went to a cute little cafe for sandwiches and hot dogs and lemonade.  Then the kids got to make a wish in the fountain:
Daphne got to choose a souvenir, so she picked a little T-Rex, which she named Dyno.  Of course.
On the drive back, we got to stop at a frozen custard stand because our behavior was good at leaving time.  It was a great day in a new place with nice friends.  (But next time, I'm going with an extra helper so I can go in those shops.)

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