Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I Should Not Be Allowed to Watch TV

One time in 2003, Kev and I went on vacation to Maine.  I love Maine.  I wish I could spend every summer there for the rest of my life.  There are loons, lakes, blueberries, mountains, whales, lobsters...aaaaaah.  Anyway, when we went to Maine, we flew into Boston to visit Kev's sister and our brother-in-law for a couple days, so we visited the aquarium there.  That is where this picture was taken of some kind of jellyfish. Pretty, huh?

WELL. A couple nights ago, we were flipping through channels and Kev stopped on a show all about jellyfish (there are 30,000+ different kinds!).  This was not a good idea, fascinating as it was.  You see, Kev really REALLY wants me to like the beach.  But now, after what I learned on that show, I will probably never ever stick my feet anywhere near an ocean again.  These things can KILL you!  And their populations are growing exponentially.  So consider this a public service announcement.  The jellyfish are taking over! Beware! 

Today it is hot and muggy and I would love to be in Maine, where it is probably delightfully cool.  If I was there, I would climb up the Beehive with Kev, then enjoy some lobster bisque while taking in a nice view of the Bubbles.  As it is, I will go enjoy my quiet house and my iced coffee.  Not quite the same, but it'll do.  At least there are no jellyfish.

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Gye Greene said...

I'll go to the beach -- but I don't think I'll **ever** swim/surf in the ocean. Sharks. The odds are low, but...