Monday, August 23, 2010

A Slow News Day

 Well, my house-cleaning is suffering, but during the past few days there was Nutella gelato, schnitzle and spaetzle, risotto, homemade granola, and a finished purple cowl:
There is not much dorkier than taking a picture of yourself with your webcam.  But I wanted to show you the cowl and my new hat from Anthropologie, which is my favorite.  It is not at all crazy like the ones from Project Runway last week.    Good grief. 

Kev was nice enough to watch Project Runway with me on Thursday night so we could have quality time.  And he was a really good sport about noises or smart-a$$ guy comments while we were watching it.  But then, after the show, I made the mistake of saying, "You kinda like Project Runway, don't you?"  Which set off a rant that lasted a good 20 minutes about all that is wrong with fashion, TV, and people in general.  I should have known better.  Really, though, those hats were too much.  I think I'd have been worried if he DIDN'T rant a little after being subjected to all that.

We also watched two movies this weekend.  One was pretty OK...I forget what it was called though.  It had Ewan McGregor and Pierce What'shisname and Kim Kattral, and it was a mystery/thriller type movie.  I liked it.  Then, last night, we decided to watch Kick Ass, which was a huge mistake.  Oh my gosh.  The trailer did not indicate the level of distubing graphic violence we were getting ourselves into.  I thought, "Oh, this will be's got McLovin' and some tame nerdy guys that look sorta like Michael Cera...high-school nerds versus bullies kinda thing."  Uh.....NO.  Terrible.  Do not watch this movie unless you want bad dreams.  And for the record, Nicholas Cage needs to just quit.  He gets worse and worse with every film.  I think his best work might be Valley Girl, which was probably 25 years ago. 

Today is all about waiting for the plumber.  There is a leak that needs attention, and I fear it won't be a cheap fix.  I also feel another mini power-down coming on as we wind down our summer and gear up for the first day of school, so if you don't hear much from me for a while, that's why.  I'll be back in a week or so, hopefully with news of exciting new projects and ice cream experiments, and NOT news of plumbing disasters. 

See you in September! 


Gye Greene said...

Webcam photos: You could increase the dork-factor by making a funny face. ;)

Hat: Hm. Looks a lot like those shrimp crackers at Chinese restaurants --


Gye Greene said...

Kick Ass: Thx for the warning. I have a soft spot for super-hero movies -- but the more reviews I read, the more dubious I became. Your assessment was the clincher.

If you can find it, try renting "The Shadow", with Alec Baldwin. Based on a 1930s super hero. Fairly PG -- although possibly a little scary in parts for your youngun.


Christina said...

I like your hat and scarf!

Tara said...

Thank you! I like your family portraits!