Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Next Big Thing

This is a picture of a line of people waiting to get a cupcake at Georgetown Cupcakes in DC.  I didn't take this picture, but Kev and I saw a line just like it on Sunday when we were shopping in Georgetown.  Only the people had umbrellas.  A line of people snaking down the block were waiting in the rain on a Sunday for a CUPCAKE.  Probably a $4.00 cupcake, at that.  I understand there is a show about this place on TLC, but I also heard the lines were like this even before there was a chance you could get on TV whilst buying your $4.00 cupcake.  No cupcake could possibly be THAT good.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that the Mac-n-Cheese I got down the street at Dean & Deluca was way better, and there was no line. 

Anyway, I wish that Kev and I could look into the future and figure out what is going to be the next big thing; The New Cupcake, if you will.  Because these "cupcake boutiques" are all over the place, and people are getting rich off them, but it can't last.  Something new will come along, and cupcakes will be out of fashion.  What will it be?  Crepes, maybe?  Gelato?  Pie?  SOUP?!

I'm gonna go now.  I've got some thinking to do...


Gye Greene said...

I'd say soup. (Cue Seinfeld reference.)

A co-worker once told me that the food industry is **highly** regulated, so it's a bit of a nuisance. That said, clearly **some** people are making decent money off it. ;)


Gye Greene said...

Oh: feel free to buy up Krispy Kreme's day-olds, and then re-sell them as "fronuts". ;)


Anne Bentley said...

Emily says the girl at Hey Cupcake in Austin told her she sells about 800 cupcakes a day for $3 a piece. Out of a TRAILER! Minimal overhead.

This is my next concept, and if Emily and I can ever get our acts together we're going to do it. Also, if Dallas ever allows food trucks:
Basically donuts that are always hot and fresh and made to order, not cold and sitting around for hours. Sounds like it wouldn't make that much difference but until you've had a warm duck donut hand-dipped into the chocolate sauce... OMG, I'm drooling.

Tara said...

There is a similar place to that in Ocean City called Fractured Prune fact, we had one in Leesburg too, but it closed recently and has been replaced by (yet another) kebab place. I am pretty sure we went there with the kids when Emily was here last year. Delicious. But the location was bad.

There is a guy in DC with a cupcake truck. Every day he twitters (or tweets or whatever) where he's going to be (usually a Metro) and at what time, and people show up in droves to buy his cupcakes. I forget what he's called. My brother knows. He's making a killing.

Anne Bentley said...

That was our plan for the donut truck, but since Dallas refuses to be revolutionary there is no way to do a food truck in Dallas. Not that hot donuts in 100 plus degree heat sounds very fun anyway.