Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas Arts and Crafts

 Most of Christmas came via, but there were a few handmade items.  A scarf for Uncle Jeff, above.

Bird feeders for the neighbors, below:

 Finished, packaged, and ready to deliver.  This was a really fun and easy project for kids to help with, and I think made a good neighbor gift because it was an alternative to edible people treats (which I LOVE, but get a lot of already), it is a nice treat for the neighborhood birds, and nobody has to find a place to put disappears!  Instructions here

I did some experimental glass-etching:
 REALLY fun, REALLY easy, and REALLY cheap.  There will be more glass etching in the future.

And, I made a few t-shirts, including this Star Wars one for Daphne (she made the bracelet):

 Meanwhile, my dad gave us this painting for Christmas (from a photo from our wedding reception):
 And this one of Kev's grandfather's tractor was a birthday gift for Kev:
 And Mimi made Daphne a quilt:
If I start now, maybe I can have a totally handmade Christmas in 2011.  Get your requests in early!


Emily said...

I love how you packaged up the bird seed ornaments! Did you use brown lunch bags?

Tara said...

Thanks! Yes, I just cut off the tops. Thanks for the great idea...the neighbors really seemed to like them. And they were so much fun to make!

Gye Greene said...

Love the movie marquee (sp?) painting: the colors are very art deco era.

Birdseed shapes: Hey! Great idea!

Glass etching: Didn't know you (or someone?) was a Trekkie...!!! :)