Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In, Sans Snow

Today it was supposed to snow.  I let Kev take my car to work in case the roads got bad.  So far, I've only seen a few flurries, but we're still stuck in the house.  It's way too cold to take a walk.  This morning, Daphne made a CLUBhouse.  That was the Big Activity of the day.  She didn't take a nap.  We are both a little stir crazy, and it hasn't even started snowing yet.  If they cancel school tomorrow, I'm in for it.  I'm just not that entertaining, and Daphne is BORED.  At this very moment, she is insisting that I get off the computer and pretend to be Luke Skywalker.  May the Force be with me.

I made a new poll.  It's over there on the sidebar.  Please enjoy.


Christina said...

Does D not play alone? L plays/reads alone most of the time. She has lots of games too, which I haven't played with her much, unfortunately since S was born. You should call and see if Pump It Up is open tomorrow.

Tara said...

Yeah, Daphne plays alone really well usually. It's just a long day for both of us when we can't go anywhere and she's not tired enough to take a nap. If there's no school, Kev will take the car again, so no Pump It Up, but at least we can go outside and play in the snow.